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volunteer to help save lives

Pit Bull Rescue San Diego would not survive without the dedicated help of our volunteers. We realize that there are many organizations that you could volunteer your valuable time to and are extremely grateful that you are choosing to volunteer for us.

About You

Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Please note that our insurance does not allow us to have volunteers under the age of 18. If you are not, we wish this wasn't the policy, and hope you'll come back to volunteer with us once you turn 18.
Please tell us a little about yourself including why you've chosen to volunteer for PBRSD.

Here are some of the many ways you can help

Note that (L) denotes a leadership position - leadership positions may or may not be being filled at any given time but please indicate if you would like to be considered when they are.

I'll do anything you need me to do!

Foster Team

dog walking (dogs in boarding as well as for dogs in homes)
transportation (to and from appointments, events, boarding...)
foster coordinator (L) (responsible for a geographic area and all foster dogs within that area)
assistant foster coordinator (L) (assist foster coordinator in weekly duties)
all of the above

Adoption Team

home checks (for potential adopters)
transportation (to and from potential adopter interacts)
adoption coordinator (L) (responsible for a geographic area and adoptions within that area)
all of the above

Adoption Events Team

dog handler
event set up/take down
information table
Event administrator (upkeep of adoption book)
Laundry (help with the washing towels, washing/ironing scarfs after event)
event coordinator (L) (coordinate the pre-logistics of an event)
event host (L) (day of event - ensure dogs are handled per PBRSD guidelines)
all of the above


Copying, scanning, mailing
microchip/dog registration
printing educational materials
all of the above


There is not a single coordinated fundraising effort. Fundraising for PBRSD is facilitated by "projects" where various people head up a "project" with a committee to help them out. Fundraising events do not typically involve the dogs in our program.

project leader (L)
project committee member
grant writing
donation solicitation (products and supplies)
all of the above

Training Team


Medical Team

transportation (to and from vet appointments)
vet tech

Web/media Team

web updates - no tech knowledge needed (Petfinder/Adopt a Pet updates)
video (of fosters for website)
photos (of fosters for website or as needed by public relations director)

Volunteer Team

Email (send out welcome email and notify directors of incoming app)
data entry (put information into our sheltering software)
all of the above


Do you have any special areas of expertise? (e.g. Bilingual, training, veterinary etc)


When are you available?

Where did you hear about us?

We truly appreciate your interest in helping us out. You should hear from someone within 48 hours. If you do not hear from anyone, please feel free to contact Alicia to ensure your form didn't get lost in cyberspace.