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About You

Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Have you ever fostered before: Yes  No

If yes, when and for whom?

Describe the experience and any unique skills or insights you gathered while fostering:

Your Home

Do you live in a house or condo: House  Condo
Do you rent or own your home: Rent  Own

If you rent, please provide us with contact information for your landlord.

IMPORTANT: Many homeowner's insurance companies have breed blacklists which include, but are not limited to, pit bulls, American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Akitas, American Bulldogs, Chows and wolf-hybrids and will not insure you if they reside in your home or may cancel your insurance if you add a dog of these breeds to your home. Please check your homeowner's insurance policy regarding breed discrimination before submitting this application to foster a pit bull type dog.

Landlords may also have these same breed restrictions due to their insurance policies. Please check this out before applying to foster one of these breeds.

I have confirmed that my landlord or insurance policy does not breed restrict: Yes  No

Do you have a yard: Yes  No

Is the yard fenced: Yes  No  N/A

If yes, what type of fence?   

If yes, approximately, how high is the fence at the lowest point?  
Do you have a pool?: Yes  No

If yes, is there a fence around the Pool?  Yes  No  N/A

Your Family

How many total people reside in your household?:
Ages of the people in your household (check all that apply):
Do any family members have asthma or allergies?: Yes   No
Do you currently own or have you owned a pet before?: Yes  No

If yes, how long did you have your pet?:
If no longer with you, what happened to him/her?:
What other pets live with you? (please give numbers, ages, breeds and sexes):
Are they all spayed/neutered?: Yes  No
Are they current on vaccinations?: Yes  No

Your Lifestyle

Have you had multiple dogs together in your home before: Yes  No
Even the most docile of animals occasionally have a cranky day. If there are currently multiple pets in the home, how will you separate the animals, if it is necessary?
One inside and one outside
In individual crates
One will be crated, one will be loose
In two separate rooms with the doors closed
On leashes tied up or chained
I don't know

Where is the foster going to be when you are home? (Check all that apply)
Dog will be inside with the family
Dog will be in the basement or garage primarily
Dog will be outdoors primarily
Dog will be in a fenced dog run with a dog house

On average, how many hours per day will the foster be left alone?:
When home alone dog will be (check all that apply):
In a crate, wire cage or dog pen inside
In an enclosed kennel outside
Tied up outside: On a cable run   With a chain
Dog will be loose indoors
Dog will be loose outdoors
If necessary, can you come home at noon to let the dog out?: Yes  No
Do you agree that you should never leave a child alone with any dog?: Yes  No
Will you allow a home visit to ensure that your home is appropriate for fostering? Yes  No
Are there other services you would like to volunteer at this time?

Where did you hear about us?

Do you have any questions/comments?

Thank you for wanting to foster! Fosters are absolutely the lifeblood of our rescue. We will contact you shortly.